“When families in need see fresh produce, their faces light up like it’s Christmas.”

— Bill Cusano – Coordinator of Services Caritas of Port Chester


Our Story

An original drawing of the club grounds. The farm sits on land originally planned as a vegetable garden.

Acorn Organics at Old Oaks is a resilient estate-style farm, growing similar plants to those that were on the estate 120 years ago. Through a combination of our microclimate, unique crop rotations and patterns of practice that keep our soils and crops nutrient-rich, we produce thousands of pounds of fresh produce for our community, leveraging an asset the club already has — land.

“The food pantry is the gateway to engaging local families to receive assistance that will improve their lives.”

— Alex Chavarria – Chief Business Officer Carver Center

What is CSO?

Club Supported Organics (CSO) is a farm-share program that fosters strong bonds between Acorn Organics at the Old Oaks Farm and our members. Members who buy a share of the farm’s bounty help the Old Oaks Foundation both financially and with marketing while CSO members receive weekly shares of nutritious, well-grown food.

For each pound of fresh produce that our members buy, Acorn Organics will donate the same amount to a local food pantry and soup kitchen.

Interested in joining?